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Module 12 

Where are you going?

  • Begin plotting the course toward achieving your dreams.
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Congratulations on completing Brave Enough To Fail's BOSS Academy

Because you were brave enough to take the risk of doing something new,
You now know the formula to be… Brilliant, Happy, and Rich.

Here are a few final tips to speed you on your way to achieving your personal version of greatness.

BOSSES combine willpower, commitment and hard work.

Self-belief is having the determination to find a way to make things happen when it comes to your dream.

In order to really be the BOSS of your dream, have the courage to do what you most want to do and what you are best at!

Be brilliant, happy, and rich!


We understand that Rich doesn’t always mean money. Rich also means living the life that you want to live. Rich means a happy, full, rewarding life. 

You now know the four keys to being the BOSS of your dreams. What are they?

B is for Big dreams, you should always dream BIG.

O is for out of your comfort zone. Your dream is not going to come true within the confines of your comfort zone.

S is for strategy, a plan of specific steps to take in order to get from where you are now, to where you want to be.

S the last S is for stick-to-itiveness, the perseverance you need to not quit when it gets hard.

You are now empowered to answer the final question.
Where are you going? You now have a personal blueprint that you can follow like a GPS all the way to success. Your dreams are the future of America
If you are Brave Enough To Fail, you are destined to succeed!

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