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Module 2 
Even a tiny dream can have wings, will you let yours take flight?

  • Understand: Possibilities are endless when we are Brave enough To Fail
  • Your expectations drive your decisions and actions which in turn determine your results 
  • Your dream doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s 

Don't measure your success by someone else's because the path to your dream is as unique as you are.
And remember, you are one of a kind!

When we see successful people in the media we aren't seeing the struggle they went through to get where they are.


Stay focused on your own growth and achievement because you are the BOSS when it comes to your journey and your dream. 

In this case we are talking about knowing yourself.


The more you learn about yourself, you strengths, weaknesses, and your passions, the more you will be able to control your destiny.


Even a tiny dream can have wings, will you let yours take flight?

Today’s picture is a bee. We’ve all seen a bee buzzing around at one time or another. It is almost impossible to predict exactly where that bee will land isn’t it?  

Your dream is like that. If you are brave enough to follow your dream and your passion,  you have no idea what wonderful place you might end up or what fantastic doors of opportunity you may open for yourself. 

Module 2 exercise:

Do an internet search and see what possible landing places you might find if you follow your dream.

For example: If your dream is to work in law enforcement you could possibly land:

Local or state police, FBI, US Marshals, CIA, Homeland Security, Secret Service, Interpol, Private Security, and more. Each door of opportunity has its own unique rewards. 

Having the courage to follow your dream opens those doors of opportunity.

BOSS Academy Exclusive Tips & Tricks!
Justin Mann, Entrepreneur, Managing Partner StoneLink Property Management
Suggestion for Tips & Tricks videos:

As you watch, you might want to take short notes and jot down anything that sticks out to you or that you think might be helpful to you in pursuing your dream.
for example,  if the person says something like, "There is no substitute for putting in the time." 
You might write that down.

If you do this, by the end of the year you will have a playbook of tools that successful people have used to achieve their dreams. Tools that you will be able to use to achieve yours.
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