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Brave Enough To Fail Walmart Gift Card Fundraiser...

You could win $500!

For a limited time you have an amazing opportunity...


Brave Enough To Fail is a student motivational program that is seeing tremendous results in bridging the student achievement gap.


We travel to schools across our nation presenting a powerful message that inspires students to commit themselves to their education all at no cost to the schools!


One donor believes so much in the education of our future leaders and what we're accomplishing that they've provided a $500 gift card for us give you!

All the money raised will go directly towards scholarships for schools across our nation and every gift given is 100% tax deductible!

We believe that an individual effort is great but team effort is what leads to victory so we've started a team contest.

You can our team member today...Join our mission to help build the future leaders of our country! 

Top Team Wins a $500 Walmart Gift Card

Entry is simple: 

1. Make your tax deductible donation of any size, $1 or more 

2. Type your team name in the “Add Special Instructions Box” and then complete your donation. (Example #TeamSmithCT)

3. Tell all your friends!

Use your social media skills and have them enter your team name as they make their donation!

Tell them on Twitter, Feed it on Facebook, Inform them on Instagram, Let them know on Linkedin


A winner will be chosen...It may as well be YOU!

Thanks for submitting!

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