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Our Mission

Brave Enough to Fail is dedicated to cultivating a new generation of competent citizens and leaders.

As you may well know, kids today are facing some pretty complex issues. For instance, America's drug epidemic has left many children without parents...right now in America, 2.7 million children have a parent behind bars—that's one in every 28 children!

Across all income brackets and social groups, students are finding themselves fighting what seems like a useless battle they'll never win while being in circumstances they didn't choose.


Mr. Winsley is able to turn the table on that mindset because he lived it and knows first hand that circumstances do not determine your life's destination. He is able to share the personal battles he had to overcome in a powerful way and then lights a "can do" fire in the hearts of the students.

The "I am The Boss Of My Dreams" program is educational, inspirational, and motivational. We've designed it so students will see their education as a way to break the cycles of poverty and dependency through educational achievement, courage, and determined effort.

Brave Enough To Fail is building the much needed bridge across the student achievement gap by providing:

  • Dynamic in-school motivational presentations!

  • Exposure to educational & career opportunities based on individual student preference!

  • Inspirational books and other resources for participating students...

  • A monthly newsletter filled with clean, inspiring content! Kind words of inspiration and continual motivation are two very important keys to increase student achievement!

  • Scholarships designated specifically to each participating school!


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