The Shadow Program started a few years ago with colleges and businesses in mind.

Their objectives were simple:

  • Explore and clarify potential career preferences

  • Gain insight into a “day in the life” of a specific occupation and culture within an organization

  • Identify skills and competencies needed to succeed at particular jobs

  • Develop contacts that facilitate the search for internships and permanent employment opportunities

Brave Enough To Fail (BETF) adapted this concept in 2019 for high school students interested in gathering information about the career paths of several different industries.

We were able to connect these students with a number of successful executives in fields that drew the students’ interest. (Some of these areas included finance, law, communications, medicine, manufacturing, film production, staging and lighting, sports management, and the military).  Soon, the students’ requests for connections increased. The program expanded quickly. And this time, the pandemic proved to be a catalyst.

As high school students were no longer able to visit colleges, it became imperative they still somehow gain an understanding about campus life. So, The Shadow Program did what they do best, by expanding their reach, and putting these high schoolers in touch with present-day college students, alumni, and even professors. (In many cases, they received a first-hand view of the school). To date, our eager youngsters have been connected with notable, relevant people at the Universities of Michigan, Texas, and Indiana, as well as Tulane, Vanderbilt, Wisconsin, The US Naval Academy, and West Point.

Currently, The Shadow Program is in full swing, providing contacts and information about careers and continuing education opportunities for students. If you have an interest in a particular career, or you want to know more about the next level of education, we encourage you to become part of the BETF family and subscribe to our newsletter today.

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