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Boss Class.HEI.HEIC

BOSS Academy is a social emotional learning curriculum for middle and high school students designed to help young people take charge and be the boss of their dreams.

Students learn how to

  • Embrace Big dreams

  • Get Out of their comfort zone


  • Develop a Strategy for success  


  • Stick to it.

This course can be taught as an in-school elective or as an after school or summer program and can be conducted in-person or virtually

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"The Brave Enough To Fail Elective is one of the best electives I have ever done. I like it and it really takes me out of my comfort zone in a good way."


G. Carvalho, Student

"The Brave Enough to Fail program has been amazing. It’s helped me start thinking of my future and it’s given me the tools to pursue it." 

R. Ebanks, Student

"If I had to rate this elective, I would rate this elective a 10/10. This elective is really inspiring and helpful to me. It is encouraging me to keep going forward towards achieving my dream."


G. Mesquita, Student

"Boss Academy has really enlightened my sense of direction in life and altered it for the better. It has really helped me discover what I want to achieve in life and help me get there."


L Valez,  Student

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