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Give a gift that inspires the future of America
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Our mission; 

Cultivating a new generation of leaders, creators, and achievers by raising student achievement and inspiring young people with the courage to pursue their dreams.

Our method: 
Brave Enough To Fail provides motivational presentations, scholarships, and educational resources to middle and high school students.

Our core belief;

Every child is priceless, with unique dreams and a destiny that only they can fulfill, if they have the courage to pursue it.

Our focus;
Closing the achievement and opportunity gaps between traditionally underserved, low-income, minority population students and their more affluent peers.  

Your investment supports our efforts to provide these services at no cost to schools or students.


Motivational programs, 

Ongoing resources including mentoring, career & college search, and application support. 

Scholarships to help motivated students attend accredited colleges or trade schools.


No donation is too small

  • $15 Provides one copy of the BOSS Academy textbook for a student

  • $50 Provides BETF motivational program costs for 10 students

  • $100 Provides BOSS Academy workbooks for 8 students

  • $250 Provides BOSS Academy course for one student. 

  • $2,500 ProvideBOSS Academy hoodies and backpacks for 30 students


Thank you for your generous support!

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