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Being brave enough to risk failure is a


for success in any endeavor

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Failure is not an option....It’s required. 

Brave Enough To Fail is an organization that inspires and motivates High School and College students to reach out for success by understanding and implementing options that are available to them. 

Every student trying to find and understand success, has probably already faced a failure or an obstacle that's weakened their resolve. If they haven’t yet, They are going to. 

Finding the motivation to continue and work past these setbacks can be difficult, especially if you lack confidence in your ideas or abilities. 

Some would argue that overcoming these challenges is a simple matter of gaining more confidence, or gritting your teeth and powering through them. 

While this level of tenacity can help you move past your core challenges, it won't help you feel more fulfilled in your work, and it won't motivate you for the future. Instead, it's likely to fatigue you, making you more vulnerable to the negative effects of future obstacles. 

So, what is your option? Brave Enough To Fail guides students to have the courage to follow their dreams and see their education as a way to get where they want to be.


BETF encourages students to achieve their real dreams through courage and persistence, while working with the following attributes that are essential for success in any field of endeavor: 

* Commitment 

  • Resilience
    * Self Discipline

  • Focus
    * Ambition 

Brave Enough To Fail helps students set the framework to succeed. We assist you (the student) in finding the path through unexplored territory.

Commitment : to one’s self: Exploring the correct mind set, Understanding how to decide and agree to do something


Resilience: The art of bouncing back, rebounding, of being flexible.

Self-Discipline: The Pathway to Self-Discipline. Considering that so much of what we do on a daily basis is habit-driven.Developing the right habits will help to instill the right amount of discipline into our lives. Start with education.

Focus: It's important to constantly be improving yourself because progress leads to fulfillment, So focus, by concentrating your attention or energy on something.

Ambition: Is the desire to achieve something, or to succeed,

accompanied with motivation, determination and an internal drive.

Ambition describes those that achieve success based on their inner desire to do so and their belief in themselves.


Brave Enough to Fail coaches students to understand “who they are, Where they are going and how they are going to get there” They will understand and come to grips with “They are the boss of them-self’s “ How they are perceived by their own market place will depend upon each student, no-one else.

Uniqueness or the quality of one of a kind is just one principle that BETF will emphasize as a cornerstone for success.

You, the student, belong to a marketplace, whether you like it, understand it, or have a knowledge of what it is. You have left impressions upon people, based on your behavior, your communications, your body language, your appearance and a number of other factors. This impression leaves a perception of who you are with people, whether you like it or not. The question now becomes “Is this the way or understanding you wish to leave with people” (your marketplace). Brave Enough To Fail guides students in navigating through these confusing waters.

Meet the Team

Co-Founder & CEO

Wayne Winsley


Wayne is the driving force behind Brave Enough to Fail and its goal of being the #1 student motivational program in America.  

He has served as a History and Current Events Teacher for middle and high school students, a multiple award-winning motivational speaker. Wayne also has over 20 years experience on radio as a News Anchor, Talk Show Host, and Dee-Jay.

Co-Founder & COO

April Winsley


Co-Founder Brave Enough To Fail

Author of the inspirational book, “Where Are You Going?”,

Former radio personality, Producer and co-host of the Wayne Winsley Program.



Tom Glass


Director, Committee Chair of Brave Enough To Write project.

Managing Director of Top Gun Strategies,

Retired Vice President of advertising agency relations, The Wall Street Journal


Judy Dumas


Judy Dumas: Director
Educator, Principal at Faith Preparatory Academy

Michael Doyle


Founder and President of Fostering Hope Together,

Field technician with Verizon information and technology services.



Patrick Mitchell


Project Manager of unified Platform Technology, Disney


Don Fertman


Chief Development Officer, Subway (Retired)


David Glass


Vice President & Creative Director, ViacomCBS


Jim Knox


Educational Director, Beardsley Zoo Bridgeport , CT



Ann Karrick

National News Anchor, Fox News Radio



Meg  Akabas.

Chairperson of the National Parenting Education Network (NPEN)

Serves on the steering committee of the New York State Parenting Education Partnership (NYSPEP).  


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