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Brave Enough To Fail


A student-focused educational nonprofit that provides free motivational programs, resources, and scholarships to middle and high schools.

Our mission is to close achievement gaps by cultivating a new generation of leaders, creators, and achievers.

We do this by inspiring young people with the courage to pursue their dreams. 

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Our new SEL based program

Where students learn to:

  • Embrace big dreams

  • Get out of their comfort zone

  • Develop a strategy for success

  • Stick to it through perseverance and work

Being brave enough to risk failure is a NON NEGOTIABLE REQUIREMENT for success in any venture.

Our children's  dreams are the future of America

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“I’ll feel more confident in wanting to pursue my career and not let others ideas or thoughts distract me from achieving my success!

Over 20,000 Students Served

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“I will always push myself to do the absolute best I can. And I will always have the Brave Enough To Fail message in the back of my head because those words really moved me.”

What Scholarship Winners Say 

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“Brave Enough to Fail continues to inspire me to pursue my dream of higher education as well as my determination to become a physician. I am no longer afraid of failure, but instead see failure as my motivation to grow. 

I am honored to have this organization be an active part of my journey throughout college.”

 ~Linda Thach, Yale University



Scholarships Awarded

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“Brave Enough To Fail is an inspiring organization and I carried the ideology of the organization with me throughout my first year at college. 

I set my mind to improve my grades and was able to be named to WPI's Dean's List for my second semester.”

 ~Bryan Lima Worcester Polytechnic Institute 

What Educators Say 

“We could not be prouder to be a Brave Enough To Fail School!

We are beyond blessed to have this program and the scholarships made available to our students.”

 ~Jaclyn Mattison, Principal Faith Preparatory School

“Brave Enough To Fail is an excellent motivational tool to help students believe in themselves and to set and achieve high personal goals.”

 ~Foster Crawford, former assistant school superintendent Waterbury & Stamford CT

“Brave Enough to Fail provided our students with knowledge that will help them succeed in college but more importantly in life."

 ~Marvin Towler, Pathways to College Teacher, Hillhouse High School New Haven CT 

“The presentation sent a very clear message to our students, they are in charge of their future. They have the ability to achieve their dreams. The students were captivated and definitely heard the message.”

~Susan Griffin, Asst. Principle Brookfield High School

Brave Enough To Fail guides students to have the courage to follow their dreams and see their education as a way to get where they want to be.

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