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Module 8

Does change suit you?

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  • Change is uncomfortable

  • Change is unavoidable  

  • Change is how innovation happens

  • Avoid the (We’ve always done it that way) mentality 


Change and chaos often provide opportunities

Ask yourself, Is there anything that I can control even in the chaos? (Like making your bed)

Point: The more you are willing to move outside your comfort zone, the more opportunity you will find.

  • Understand the value of leadership skills and following opportunity

BOSSES look for opportunities that come with  change

Notes on rolling with change 

  • Be positive: Keep an open mind and always stay positive about changes in your life. Control your stress or fear by thinking about using these changes to your advantage or as an opportunity to learn new skills.You may find that a new situation or crisis is a positive change rather than a negative one

  •  Keep your goals in sight: When you face new challenges, keep your goals, values, and aspirations in mind. You may feel discouraged or frustrated as change happens, but it’s super important to focus on your dreams and create a new plan to renew your determination and continue toward your goals.

  • Plan for change: Change is constant. If you anticipate change, you will be less likely to be frustrated when it happens; plan for things to shift and anticipate new situations in your life when it comes to pursuing your dream..

Suggestion for Tips & Tricks videos:

As you watch the guest videos, you might want to take short notes and jot down anything that sticks out to you or that you think might be helpful to you in pursuing your dream.
for example,  if the person says something like, "There is no substitute for putting in the time." 
You might want to write that down.

If you do this, by the end of the year you will have a playbook of tools that successful people have used to achieve their dreams. Tools that you will be able to use to achieve yours.
BOSS Academy Exclusive Tips & Tricks!
Rashamel Jones
UConn Basketball Legend
NCAA Championship Team 1999
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